Arrested for Benidorm scooter thefts


We all have a laugh and joke about the number of scooters here in Benidorm, but they are a fabulous way of the less able to get around the town. Shock news came in last week though when a 46-year-old man was arrested for using a master key to steal 17 mobility scooters from hotels in the area.

National Police have admitted to launching an investigation some seven months ago after a number of scooters were reported in the area as being stolen. The man is accused of using a master key to steal scooters whilst they were parked outside hotels during the night, to a value of 23,000 euros.

The man is said to have changed the appearance of the stolen scooters by painting and adding stickers to them, before selling them around the Benidorm area.

The man was arrested when he was found with 7 scooters in his possession. He has been provisionally released and is awaiting a trial.


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