Is Brexit Breaking Benidorm?


Before the financial crash and the Brexit vote confirmed, Brits made up a fifth or foreigners living in Benidorm. But last year this fell dramatically to just 2825, down from an estimated 5000 in 2007.

Are ex pats feeling the pinch as we feel the impact of the change in exchange rates? Is the uncertainty of what’s to come too much pressure?

And it’s not just the residents - research shows that Benidorm has had its worst summer in nearly a decade as tourists turn to Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt – all to avoid the dreaded euro.

Because of the weak pound British pensions have fallen by about 160 euros per month in Spain and there is on-going concern about healthcare, especially for the elderly, when Britain leaves the European Union. Last week the pound rallied considerably for a very short time when a rumour reached the markets that a deal with the EU had been reached - it quickly fell when it was found to be untrue.

Many people remain in Benidorm simply, to be honest, hoping for the best. And why not? The wonderful life in the sunshine we lead out here can never be compared to freezing temperatures and on-going pessimism back in the UK.

Many people are willing to take their chances and, let's face it, the Spanish government would find it particularly difficult if we all left en-masse and stopped contributing to the Spanish economy.

We are all very grateful for the welcome we get from local people out here.

So, let's all hope for a Brexit deal to rally the exchange rate to enable us to continue to enjoy life in this lovely country with its wonderful climate, traditions and hospitality.


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