Ryanair Strikes Again….


There's one word that will always divide opinion and no, it's not Brexit.

The name ‘Ryanair’ is always a topic of debate, but do they really deserve the negativity they get? Yes, they are forever changing their policies, amending their prices and are always to blame when the flight’s delayed. Even when it's the weather or French air traffic control striking, then  Michael O’Leary’s fault, too. Personally, I've never had an issue with them. However, I have friends and family who have in one way or another had an issue, not always down to Ryanair themselves may I add.

The recent change in baggage charges had affected a number of passengers, if this is you then like me you would have had an email stating if you had booked your flights between x date and x date the changes would not affect you.. Although this was a little backtracking from the initial email we all received.

And now we hear of more strikes.

Its the latest walkout by Ryanair Cabin Crew and Pilots, leading to the cancellation of hundreds more flights across Europe. Cabin Crew, Pilots and the Airline are in talks with unions over pay and working conditions but is this warranted and are they really that hard done by?

In a letter sent to the Chairman of Work and Pensions Committee in December 2017 Ryanair stated the following to Parliament, sending copies of payslips as proof; “Cabin crew earn between €24,000 and €40,000 PA. This is made up of basic pay, flight pay and commission. They are limited by law to working less than 900 flight hours per year which brings the average flying hourly rate between €26 and €44 an hour”. Job security, as long as the company doesn't go bust through striking! In my opinion, this alongside a yearly uniform allowance a five on three off rosta plus other benefits seems pretty fair to me.

My mother was an Airline stewardess for many years. It's hard, repetitive work, long hours, you’re targeted on sales and it isn't as glamorous as its made out to be, just like any job especially over here in sunny Spain. You only have to look at the people who serve your food and drinks in the bars and restaurants we all frequent on our holidays. Long hours, on their feet all day, no social life,running around and all for less than minimum wage, and reliant on you leaving a tip as long as you're happy with the service you have received, yet they don't strike?

Ryanair are a good low budget airline and without them, many of us wouldn't be able to fly as often as we do.

They're a business and like any business they need to make a profit to survive. There will always be issues with staff, pay and working hours regardless of the business. Things can go wrong with aircraft much like they can your car. And the weather alongside Air traffic controllers striking really isn't Micheal O’Leary’s fault.

Ryanair aren't that bad at all, I just wish they could resolve the in-house situation over pay because it's not fair on the thousands of customers who work hard long hours for minimum wage and also deserve a holiday.


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